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Romanian Castles You Should Visit on Your Private Tours Romania

You Should Visit on Your Private Tours Romania Romanian Castles

The country of Romania boasts not only of a rich heritage of the Medieval times but is also a land that serves as a home to awe-inspiring architecture. Every year, thousands of tourists go on private tours Romania to see the ancient houses that align the streets of Sibiu, the scenic monasteries of Bucovina and then there are the stunning castles that tower over Transylvania and the neighboring cities.
Indeed, the castles of Romania are attractions you should definitely see if you are planning to book your Romanian trip. When you visit www.itravelinromania.com , you will discover that the imposing structures which date back as far as the 13th century served as the homes of the Saxon nobility. This fact is proven by the castles’ austere defenses and luxurious interiors. This is the reason why some of these castles have been named as World Heritage Sites.

Bran Castle

Bran Castle

No doubt the most famous out of all Romanian castles is none other than the Bran Castle located in Brasov. Considered as a national monument, the majestic walls and beautiful turrets of Bran Castle make this a must-see during your Romania trip. However, a big chunk of its fame is due to its nickname, Dracula’s Castle as well as all the mysterious albeit dark legends associated with it. Even if the legend is yet to be proven, the rumors of Vlad Tepes having lived there is more than enough to attract flocks of tourists annually.

Calnic Castle

The Calnic Castle or also known as Calnic Fortified Church is found near Sibiu. Established in 13th century by Count Chyl de Kelling, the castle managed to survive several sieges from Ottoman empire, mainly because of its defensive towers and high walls, which include the Siegfried Tower. The five-storey Siegfried Tower’s firing windows can be seen even from afar, which make it a real historical landmark.

Corvinesti Castle

Also a famous castle in Romania, the Corvinesti Castle served as the home of Prince iancu, one of the most popular rules of Romania. Found in Hunedoara, this is dubbed as the greatest in the country, especially due to its vast balls, impressive drawbridge, and over 50 chambers adorned by medieval art.

Peles Castle

Sinaia’s Peles Castle is among the most enchanting out of all castles in Romania and this is also among the most magnificent castles in the entire European continent. This is the first ever European castle that as electrically lit. Established during the 18th century, the Peles Castle is a great example of the Neo-Renaissance architecture and composed of 170 rooms with lavished furnishings although just 35 of these rooms are open for public visits.

Palace of Culture

While this is not technically a castle, Iasi’s Palace of Culture should definitely be included in your Romanian tour. This is among the biggest buildings in the country which houses four museums, namely The Museum of Ethnography, The Museum of History, The Museum of Science and Technology and The Museum of Art.
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